Martin Olson's IQ-83



An extremely contagious man-made virus gets loose that lowers the IQ to moron level. The President and Congress catch it just as a coup d’etat begins. Now a congressional aide has to stop them all from destroying the world.

Martin Olson's Monstrous Love

Monstrous Love


A bounty hunter is sent to find an eccentric world-famous scientist who vanished in Mexico with corporate grant money- after claiming that he’s discovered how to bring back the dead.

Martin Olson's The Man Who Was Thursday

The Man Who Was Thursday


In 1900, a secret society of assassins meets to plot the destruction of the world. A cop infiltrates the group and tricks them into electing him as their world leader. Now the cop meets the deadly head of World-Wide Anarchists and discovers an unspeakable event.

Martin Olson's D-Men



A priest and a nun- top gunmen in a secret military force composed of monks, nuns and holy men- use their wits their rosary beads and heavy artillery to stop an invasion from hell.